Audio Recording Tips

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– Vocalist Tips –

– Before your session, please practice, practicepractice –

– When in the studio every take should be your absolute best performance-

– Please, don’t forget your Instrumental –

– If you’re using prerecorded instrumental please make sure you have it on CD, Flash Drive, E-mail or a device –

-Vibe is just as important as anything else when recording-

-Enjoy yourself!-


– Band Tips –

-Make sure your equipment is tip top shape before you come in –

– Replace the drum heads and tune your drums –

– Scuzzy strings can’t be fixed in the mix –

– Bring extra strings, extra picks, extra drum heads and sticks –

– Make sure your material is well versed –

– The engineer is your best friend –

– Your performance is based on vibe and chemistry –

– Warm up in the studio before you track –